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We encourage public participation throughout the process. All of the work sessions with the Planning Commission are open to the public  and there will be specific opportunities for you to tell us what you think.

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City Council

The Common Council is comprised of eight members who are elected by the voters of Wisconsin Rapids to represent them over a two-year term. The Council will have the final decision with regard to the proposed zoning code as recommended by the Planning Commission.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission will be working with the consultant team to prepare the new proposed zoning code. The Commission provides recommendations to the City Council on zoning and a wide range of planning and development related issues. The Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor. Members include:

  • Mayor Zach Vruwink, Chairperson
  • Joe Eichsteadt, City Engineer
  • Alderperson Todd Ferkey, Council’s Appointment
  • Kelly Rosekrans, Park and Recreation Commission Representative
  • Fran Eron
  • Shane Burkart
  • Tim Birkhauser

Department of Planning and Economic Development

The Department of Planning and Economic Development will work with the consultant team on an ongoing basis to ensure the project stays on schedule and that all of the opportunities for public participation are well conceived and successfully implemented.

Adam Tegen is the Director of the Department. He can be contacted at 715-421-8225 during normal office hours or by email

<b>Adam Tegen</b>
Adam Tegen

Consultant Team

The City of Wisconsin Rapids hired a consultant team led by Civi Tek Consulting, a consulting firm based in Wisconsin. Civi Tek helps communities master the challenges and opportunities they face by offering a full suite of municipal planning services, including writing land development regulations that are crafted to the unique needs of the community.

<b>Tim Schwecke, AICP</b>
Tim Schwecke, AICP
Tim Schwecke, AICP, serves as the project manager and will take the lead in writing the zoning code and support documents.
<b>Charlie Handy</b>
Charlie Handy
Charlie Handy will implement many of the public participation opportunities and will facilitate the public meetings. He is certified by the National Charrette Institute as a charrette leader.

The consultant team includes Molter, Macy, Riffle & Larson, which provides on-going legal counsel to more than 100 municipalities and other governmental bodies throughout Wisconsin.

<b>Attorney John Macy</b>
Attorney John Macy
Attorney Macy will be involved in the legal review of the proposed zoning code.